Electrification Market

The electrification industry is leading the way in decarbonizing energy and creating a more sustainable future. It aims to commercialize new technologies, increase operational efficiency, and invest in new sectors. International Wire is proud to supply high-quality copper wire products for the electrification market. We are committed to creating new possibilities for improved efficiency, sustainability, and safety with our products. Our products are used in a variety of applications, including wind turbines, solar farms, earthing, lightning protection, grounding, and nuclear energy production.

Types of Wires Used in the Electrification Market

我们生产不同种类的铜线2022年世界杯抽签various electrification markets, including:

  • Single end wire:These wires have a single strand drawn from a copper rod of a particular size. International Wire offers bare and plated conductors.
  • Stranded wire:These wires have several single-end wires twisted together. They’re commonly used in electronic devices, cable assemblies, and more. They also come in different configurations, including rope strands, concentric strands, and bunch strands.
  • Braided wire:Wire braids are highly versatile wire constructions with excellent physical resistance and shielding capabilities. They are used for flexible connections, RFI and EMI shielding, and grounding applications. Braided wire can also provide mechanical protection for cables.

Products in the Renewable Energy Market

Our products are crucial to the renewable energy industry. International Wire conductors are utilized in power cables, photovoltaic (PV) cables, ground wire, connectors, sensor cables, and specialty cables, such as power control and data cables. Our conductors are used in solar energy cables, wind energy systems, and geothermal heat pump systems.

High-Quality Conductors From International Wire

Copper conductors play a significant role in the rapidly expanding electrification market. International Wire manufactures high-quality wires that fit various electrification applications.Contactor call us at (315) 245-3800 today to learn more about our products, orrequest a quotefor pricing information.


Electrification is a key part of decarbonizing energy sources, increasing operational efficiency, commercialization of new technologies and investment on new business areas. International Wire solutions open up new possibilities for improved sustainability, safety, and efficiency: from products for solar farms, wind turbines, nuclear energy to grounding, earthing and lightning protection.